Tuesday 13 October 2015

FlutterByes Christmas Pop up shop!

For the second time FlutterByes have opened up a Christmas pop up shop in Bluewater!

The shop did so well last year they have up'd their stock by 70%!!

Stepping into the store, it feels just like stepping into a winter wonderland!!
You feel the excitement of Christmas wash over you! 
Christmas songs pumping softly into the store and twinkerling lights all around! 
It's hard not to smile when stood inside flutterbyes Christmas pop up shop! 

The staff are lovely and there's two jolly Christmas elves to help you out if you need. 

There is something to suit everyone's budget and style.
From glass to traditional, black and copper to glitz and glam!

This Christmas shop will be hard to beat! 

My favourite bit of all.......not a single bit of tinsel to be seen!  
If you head over to my Instagram  you'll be able to see more of my pictures from the shop! 

If you can't get over to Bluewater over the Christmas period never fear you can shop online from their shop ... 

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