Wednesday 14 October 2015

Moochie for Kids - the next must have!!!

A new must have was Launched this week...... What's that you ask???

Well my lovelies it's - 

Moochies for Kids

Are you on the fence about your child having a mobile phone? 

Think you need to let them have one just so you can keep in contact with them when they're aren't with you, but feel they are still too young to actually have one??

Well this may be what you're  looking for 

Moochies for Kids, a wearable GPS-enabled device, has launched in the UK in a bid to keep children safer and help parents keep an eye on their whereabouts.


Moochies are phones for kids. Worn exactly like a watch and coming in four colours (black, orange, pink and blue), a Moochie is a durable phone and watch combination, allowing two-way communication between parents and children. Working in tangent with the free Moochies app on the parent’s phone, it enables them to be in touch with their children at all times of the day, wherever they are - be it at school, on public transport or with their friends at the local park.

Working with a pay-as-you-go sim card, just like a mobile phone, Moochies allows a child to ring two phone numbers (mum and dad, for example), while also allowing up to twenty people to ring them. But Moochies also ensures no strangers can ring the child, with only contacts pre-approved by the parent given permission to ring the device. Parents can also set a pre-determined ‘safe zone’ for when their child is playing in the park, for example, and the app will notify them if there child strays outside of this space.


If a child gets into trouble, Moochies also has a SOS button - once pressed, it alerts the app holder that the child is in trouble and sends a 15 second recording of all the sounds around the child straight to the parent’s phone.


The GPS technology means the app holder can see where their child is at any time, for enormous peace of mind.


Adrian Lisle, founder of Moochies for Kids, said: “We designed the watch and app not to restrict children from having fun, but to put parents’ minds at rest once their children start making their own way to and from school and to see their friends. It’s a modern day problem which so many parents can relate to, and we’ve come up with an innovative solution through a fashionable watch for kids that helps to ease them into the process of being independent, with the support of a safety net.”


Moochies for Kids comes onto the market at £79.99 – the app is free to download for iOS and Android.


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