Monday 19 October 2015

A bloggers perspective "Not one of the cool kids"

I wasn't sure wether to share my experience of Blogcamp London, but then thought this is my blog and I can do as I please. 

For one I hardly learned anything.
From the talks they had planned I thought I was going to come away with my head bursting with knowledge.
That wasn't quite the case.

The first half was filled with speakers from Israel telling us how they set up their businesses and such. It was interesting to hear their stories but I didn't really find it relevant.
One of the speaker even admitting she'd never really knew what bloggers were and that she'd never read a blog.

The second part of the day when the pro bloggers were talking was a lot more useful but I don't feel they had enough time to say what they really needed too. 

Secondly the blogging community is meant to be a friendly bunch and everyone goes on about how everyone is said to feel very welcome at these blogging conferences. 

Well that may be the case for some.
Me on the other hand not so much, I  stood right next to people just to be ignored.
I even had someone turn their back on me after I tried to start up a conversation.
Even the host of the day didn't say a word to me.
I felt like a little child back at school being ignored by the popular cool kids.

By the time I got off the train and was in the car with Jon I couldn't control my emotions any longer. I broke down and cried. 

I've spoken in pervious post about how I don't look like the typical "normal" person and I've had lots of lovely comments from other bloggers. 

We all have flaws it's just mine is smack bang on my face for all to see and judge.

When I come to talk to you at a conference it's not like I'm trying to be your best friend I'm just being friendly.

We're adults we are meant to be a bit more accepting these days. 
For me coming to these sort of things is really out of my comfort zone and I do become socially awkward but I try my best to be nice and friendly. 

The whole experience has made me not want to bother returning to a Blogcamp again. 

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit too bitter but I just needed to get this off my chest. 

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