Monday 12 October 2015

Double ear infections and me time

Soooo guys you ready for a truly exciting update .......
Well ok it's not too exciting but it's an update of the going on's of me and the beasties. 

Let's start off with the good!
My bumchum Jenny came to visit and with her she bought along a lovely goodie box to cheer me up!

I have said this before but she really is the best friend I could ever ask for! 
So Jenny I know you're reading this ..... Thumbs up to you my friend!!! 

When she was here we went out to lunch to Rochester Frankie and Bennys  

Ru was a monster but the twins were well behaved and loved their rainbow juice! 
The food was slightly cold but the service was great. The boys all went away with a smile and a balloon! 

Ru has had an amazing jumper made for him and there will be a post all about it!!! 
I love it and Amy over at  LittleBearBots is amazing. 

Noah's second tooth came out .... At school! He's officially a cool boy now lol! 

On Saturday I went to Bluewater  to take some snaps of Flutterbyes Christmas shop opening.
I felt like I'd stepped into a winter wonderland! 
I'll be sharing more pictures in a post this week, and if you are near or around bluewater in the lead up to Christmas you really should really pop in!!!

Me time:
I'm taking the time to look after me. 
I'm fed up of feeling poo and the only way to change that is with a little bit of TLC!
All mums need a time out for themselves. Looking after our little beasties needs a me time reward once in a while! 

As you saw yesterday, I Henna'd my hair and I have to say I'm really pleased with it, the colour is great and it actually feels smoother today!

I also had another Lush treat last week which was a Brazened Honey face mask 

Sorry if my masked face offends you and no I'm not naked! 

Not only did It leave my skin feeling utterly amazing, I could have eaten it, it smelt luscious! 
This was my first face mask from lush and I'll defiantly be buying more. 

I also came off the wagon this weekend!
I caved in and ate a lot of chocolate! 

There will be a post about this   divine chocolate goodness and I'm now back on the wagon and trying hard to reduce my refined sugar intake! 

I will be stronger this time! 
I'm going to blame the chocolate over dose on one being sent a whole box full of yummy bars and having no self control 
And two being ridiculous Ill with a chesty cough and cold which now has resulted in a double ear infection :( 

One last thing....
I shall be at the Tots100 London #blogcamp on Thursday! 

So if any of you reading this are going please come and say hello I don't bite  :) 

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