Sunday 18 October 2015

The Sugar Diaries

I'm taking part in the Seven Seas anti-ageing Challenge. 
My part of the challenge is to reduce my refined sugar intake. 

It's not been easy! 
I've failed a few times, especially when I was poorly. 
I went straight back to my beloved chocolate to comfort myself. 
I'm now starting to feel better and have got straight back on to taking it seeiously.

So when I'm not failing, I'm swapping my usual two sugars for sweeteners and soya milk.
I have about 5 cups of coffee a day. 
That's 10 teaspoons of sugar in just my coffees!!!!!
Ridiculous when you think about it. 

Also when having my chocolate cravings I'm now reaching for my fruit and nut mix to keep the cravings at bay.
Not buying my usual family sized bar a day helps! 

I'm already feeling much better for it. 

I'm also making sure I have a healthy breakfast to start the day off right. I've never been a breakfast person so this has taken some getting used too, but now the tables have turned and I find it hard not to have breakfast!

I'm coming into my 3rd week of the challenge and my diet has already improved so much. 

My skin is clearer, the spots that usually congregate on my chin seem to be falling out with one another and disappearing one by one. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing the end results. 


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