Tuesday 20 October 2015

Mini Halloween Haul - From Poundland!

We don't usually go too crazy at Halloween, we'll carve some pumpkins, Noah will have a costume and that's pretty much as mad as we go! 

This year the twins are more excited about Halloween as they have a spooky corner at nursery and they are loving it.

Noah always wants to decorate the house and go trick or treating. 

After pumpkin picking on Sunday I'm all into it, so today I popped into Poundland ..... Not really a shop I go in a lot because it always have stupidly busy queues.

I didn't go too mad, but I am planning to go back and get more!

This little Halloween candle holder was too hard to resist 

The essential pumpkin carving tools 

Noah is learning about the day of the dead at school so I bought him this candle skull'd lantern

Some pumpkin fairy lights to go around the banisters in the hall way 

Then this centre piece to go along side our many pumpkins 

I also got two packs of batteries and the grand total was £7!!!

Like I said I'll be going back in the next day or so, so I can get more. 

Do you decorate the house for Halloween ?? 

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