Thursday 1 October 2015

A wildling update

The twins have grown up so much in the last few weeks. 
I can't believe they will be starting school next September.

After I thought I was done with potty training them they completely went backwards. 
So we decided to wait and try again at a later date. 

Two weeks ago we tried and it was a complete success. They aren't dry at night yet but we can tackle that at a later date.

Having them at nursery helps as they see all the other children using the toilets so they want to join in.
We have had a few accidents but not as many as we thought we were going to have!

 I went out and pretty much bought all the pants and joggers in peacocks thinking they would probably need even more! 
I packed them into their nursery bags, thinking id be getting phone calls asking for me to bring more clothes in.
As usual I way over thought it and they have been returning in the same clothes I've sent them in. 

Go twinnies!!

Another big thing that has that they gave their dummies to the dummy fairy!!!
I thought it would be hard as they seemed so attached to them but only the first night was tricky, and I ended up sleeping at the end of their bed! 

Finding TMNT pants in the letter box the following morning made everything better!

The twins wrapping up their dummies for the fairy! 

They have been dummy free for one whole week!!!

Today when they are at nursery I'll be changing their room around, as currently they sleep in one bed, but they keep kicking / slapping each other in their sleep so of course they have a distrupted  sleep. 

I'm planning to move their beds together to make something like a toddler double bed.
That way they can still be together but have the space they need. 

I will post pictures on my Instagram once I'm finished. 

They are really loving nursery and have made lots of friends. Everyday they come home with some art work or another.  
I've started taping onto their bedroom walls, so we can all marvel at their scribbles! 
All the staff love them and say they have settled in really well! 

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