Tuesday 27 October 2015

Introducing Little Bear Bots!

Little Bear Bots is Amy's brain child, it's a fantastic children's clothes range!
Made with lots of love and completely original!

Perfect if you like your little one to be dressed in something different to the usual high street wear! 

The bit I love is that the range is completely child friendly, in Little Bear Bots your child will look like a child and not a mini adult. 
Something that I really don't get! 

Amy very kindly made Ru this adorable bear hoody for us to show off in this post. I have lusted over a few of the pieces on Little Bear Bots Instagram and was thrilled to be asked to do a post about the new up coming range.
Ru has worn this a few times and has spilt dinner down it, rubbed bogies on it, you name it he's probably rubbed it on it!
It has washed well each time and looks as fab as it did when I received it.

Little Bear Bots sizing for babies, toddlers and children, head over to Facebook - LittleBearBots to find out more! 

Amy is going to be launching the animal Hoodies in January 2016! 

Amy's little man Fletcher has a very funky owl design.

A little bit from Amy - 
    "When I made the decision to stay at home with my little Fletcher bear, I always knew I wanted to do something else alongside being "just a mum". By the time life with a new baby had settled down into what we now consider normal, I dug out my childhood sewing machine and started to make some clothes for a 6 month old Fletcher. I always found boy baby clothes on the High Street so dull and obvious. Of course there's a place for diggers and cars (our house is full of them!) but can't Fletcher have t-shirts with something else on? I love bright colour combinations, chevrons, arrows, stylised animals, industrial textures... and I wanted them on Fletcher's clothes too. So Little Bear Bots was born with a simple dress (how ironic) and customisation of our beloved hybrid cloth nappy brand gNappies. And it has all grown from there."

"I love combining bold colours and interesting patterns, and try to bring that to a lot of my clothes. I also love experimenting with new ideas and I like a challenge. The idea of repurposing clothes and other fabrics has become a big passion of mine too, and the concept of helping to contribute to circular economy. Partly because of my work customising and up-cycling gNappies but also wanting to get more use out of beloved items of Fletcher's out of which he so quickly grows. Some things seem too precious to be thrown away but a waste to have sitting in a box un-used; why not get as much use as possile out of something you love!"

Amy is booking orders for mid to late January now, so if you want your little one to have an amazing piece of clothing I suggest you get in touch with the lovely Amy. 

You can find her on the following links - 

Love it. Wear it. Little Bear it!

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