Saturday 17 October 2015

Starting from scratch •• Beauty post ••

So after a mini melt down about turning 30 and how I needed to get myself back.

Instead of moping around I decided to do something about it!

YouTube has become a new favourite of mine!!
I've been watching lots of vloggers doing make tutorials and seeing what "drugstore" products they recommend!

After learning the basics I decided to build up my make up basket from scratch! 
My stash was old and It only really contained 4 things that I used.

contour and highlighting wasn't in my beauty knowledge. 
I've obviously been hiding under a rock for the last God knows how long!

I now own an array of brushes, eyeshadow palettes,concealers, lipgloss - even the Autumn favourite a plum shade (though I'm not brave enough to wear it out the house.) and eyeliners!

The cat flick isn't as hard as I thought,  specially now I know how to do it properly and have the right tools! 

I have a beauty blender on the way which I used to own thanks to getting one in a birch box but I lost it! 

I've now come a bit obsessed with buying make up that every time I watch a new YouTube video I write down what I want to add to collection! 
The list gets longer day by day! 

Taking that little bit of effort in the morning to get ready, makes me feel much better for it.
Start the day right and everything else falls into place. 

If you have any vloggers you love, let me know in the comments and I'll check them out! 

Links to some of the brands that I'm loving at the moment!

What are your beauty must haves?!?

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