Wednesday 26 October 2016

Paper Plane Shooter Review

The boys love making paper planes and seeing how far they can fly them, so when I was asked if I wanted to review the Paper Plane Shooter from Vivid Imaginations I knew I would be silly to say no.

As soon as the boys saw it they were desperate to have a go.
They literally tore open the plans with their teeth!

The shooter comes with 10 plane templates,
it can fire planes up to 30M
quick fire mode can fire 5 planes in quick succession
The shooter needs 4 AAA batteries which aren't included.

Once opened the boys all took a turn at shooting it out into the garden.
Even Jon wanted to get involved.
It was great fun watching them all scream with excitement when they saw how fast and far the planes all flew.

On occasion the planes didn't always fly but once they all understood how the planes loaded they had no more issues.

This would make an awesome gift and I can see me buying 2 extra ones as the boys are already wanting plane races!

You can buy a shooter off amazon for £13.60
*Price is correct at time of publishing*

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