Monday 17 October 2016

Cake Toppers || Review and Giveaway

The guys over at CakeToppers contacted me, asking if I wanted to review some personalised cupcakes.

When cakes are offered the only answer is YES!

I got to choose a couple of pictures and then they did the rest of the work.
Delivery was speedy and they were nicely packaged.
No harm would come to the cakes if you had a clumsy postie!
I was sent one classic sponge and one chocolate sponge cupcake.

I was going to share a cake with Jon but he wasn't feeling too great and as soon as Rupert saw a cake with him on it, it was as good as gone!

The cakes were amazingly fluffy and the icing was delicious.
I managed to get a sneaky taste of the chocolate cake and for someone who prefers a classic sponge I would have quite happily gobbled up the chocolate one if Ru had let me.

These cakes are ideal for special occasions or a nice surprise for someone who needs cheering up!
Its not every day you get cakes in the post!

Fancy winning a box of cupcakes?

Pretty aren't they, why not enter the Rafflecopter below :)

Giveaway will run for 2 weeks.
Winner will be picked at random.
UK only
The prize will be sent from Caketoppers.

I will email the winner and they will have 24 hours to respond before another winner is picked.

If you fancy treating yourself or someone else to a personalised cakes you can use HMB10 at the check out you'll receive a 10% discount

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