Sunday 9 October 2016

On The Go With Mamia

Ru may not eat properly at meal times, but give him a rice cake when out at the park and he will quite happily gobble them up.

Aldi's Mamia’s award-winning 100% organic  baby & toddler food range is perfect for on the go!
The baby food pouches are perfect for on the go feeding, when Ru was a baby we used them quite a bit on outing's.
Be it to the farm or just at the local soft play.

As Ru is a bit passed the baby food stage I have passed the pouches and fruit pots on to a neighbour who has a 14 month old.

The rice cakes go in our changing bag and are just perfect for that pick me up after running riot around the park.

Ru's a big fan of the juice and loves pouring it himself into his cup.
Whilst at the park, he made me find a table where he could set up his cup and juice.
(by which point my phone had died I and I couldn't snap a picture.)

Aldi Mamia’s award-winning 100% organic baby food range starts at just 59p
With it being organic you know you're not filling you baby with rubbish!

 “This post is an entry for BritMums  #MamiaDaysOutLinkyChallenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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