Saturday 27 August 2016

Diggerland Kent

On Tuesday Jenny, Sam, Noah and myself went off to play with some diggers at Diggerland Kent.

The sun was shining and the boys were in a great mood.
No noisy twins and no crazy Ru.

It took us no time at all to get from Minster to Rochester, so we managed to get to Diggerland at 10.15 just after it opened.

There was a little queue, but having a few members of staff on hand, we didn't haven't to wait long.

Once through the doors we were greeted by Duggy and Dotty the parks mascots but neither of the boys wanted to stop and have their photos taken with them, they were too eager to see what they could go on.

Sam did eventually give Duggy a high five when we saw him again.

Noah on buried treasure

Noah took to the diggers really well, and managed to fish a few things out of the pits and knock over the skittles.
Sam got a little confused and I could see that he was getting frustrated after the first two rides, so I decided that I would go on the next few with him, just so that I could show him if he forgot.

That seemed to work wonders, as his smile returned and he was having fun again.

Sam giving it a go on Skittles
Once they had finished on the diggers at the front of the park, they then went on to find dig-a-round, they loved it so much that they went on it a couple of times.
There was never a queue for this ride, which I think made them love it even more.

The weather did start to get to us by 11am so we headed off to the onsite café.
We refreshed with some ice cold slush puppys and decided to get an early lunch, before it got too busy.

The boys enjoyed hot dogs and burgers whilst Jenny and I had a cheese and ham panini.
The staff in the café were friendly.
The café was clean and the food was great.
There was a nice selection, something to suit all tastes.

After our lunch we headed off to the Go-Karts and Mini Tractors.
Sam didn't want to drive the Go-Kart, so I hopped on the back and lent a hand.
After we had gone round twice he then went back on alone and aced it himself.

Noah wanted to drive the mini tractors, but found it too hard. To be fair it was pretty hard as it was so heavy. I managed to do it just about and I think I only nearly crashed it once.

We all really wanted to go on the 4x4 safari but it wasn't open :(
We went on it a couple of years ago and it was probably our favourite thing about the whole place, so we were a little disappointed.

Our disappointment soon disappeared as we headed off to go on the Groundshuttle, Noah put up a fuss and said he didn't want to go on it, but in the end rather enjoyed himself.

We then went and queued up for the JCB 3CX, this is where you get to drive a full sized JCB  Backhoe Loader.

The queue was pretty long for this one, and we had to send Noah and Sam off to stand in the shade as the sun was really hot and we didn't want either of them getting too hot.

Once inside the JCB Noah had a turn of driving first but soon decided he couldn't do it and wanted to get off, but with encouragement from the staff member he cracked on and got it round the corner.
He then switched places with Sam and Sam then went on to put his foot down.

Myself and Jenny were nearly wetting ourselves with laughter as its soooooo bumpy in the back.

To cool off a bit the boys went and played in the soft play whilst me and Jenny had a sit down with a cold drink.

We both really wanted to go on the Spindizzy before we went home, Sam said he would go on with us but Noah was adamant that he was going no where near it.
We decided in the end that he could stand and watch and we would brave it.

Sam the superstar thought it was the best thing ever and myself and Jenny came off feeling rather proud of ourselves.
It was a lot higher and faster than I thought, so I'm secretly pleased Noah didn't come on as I know he would have ended up either throwing up or sacred for life.

Over all we had a fantastic day, I do however think if they had more than one person on the main rides helping the queuing times in busier periods.

You can find Diggerland parks in;
and a park coming soon to Worchestershire.

Park opening times are;
10am till 5pm
but 10am till 4pm in February,
The parks are closed Nov, Dec and January.

Ticket prices
Adults and Children 90cm or over £19.95pp
Children under 90cm Free.

If you pre-book online you will get a 15% discount.

**I was given a family ticket for free, in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own**

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