Wednesday 17 August 2016

Hotter Shoes

So a couple of months ago I attended a blogger evening in the Hotter store in Maidstone.

It was a lovely evening where we learned all about Hotter as a company and enjoyed a glass or two of prosecco.

After we learned everything we needed to know, to make us love Hotter that little bit more, we were free to pick out some shoes to try and take home to review.

I had a sneaky peak online before I went and fell in love with their Martha shoes.
When I found them in the store I nearly did a mini jump for joy.

I told the assistant what size shoe I was and he went off to find them along with a few others that I had picked out.

Because I always tend to lead with my heart rather than my head I went for the Martha shoes, even though they felt slightly tighter around the toes than they should.

I thought they'd loosen up with time.

I wore them up to London twice and both times I wanted to take them off before id even got back home.

Hotter have a 90 day return policy. so I double checked with the ladies who held the event and they said it was fine to take them back and exchange them for a pair that didn't hurt my little toesies.

Turns out my feet are a whole size bigger than I thought they were!
Shows that I should have actually bothered to get my feet measure at the event, as they are also wider than I knew.

So I exchanged them for these lovely Mabel canvas shoes.

The staff in the Maidstone store are very sweet and eager to help.

I haven't actually worn any other shoes since bringing these home.
They have been up to London more than a few times and they have also enjoyed a nice trip to the beach.

They are comfortable and very pretty to look at!
They go with practically everything single item of clothing I own.

When buying winter shoes/boots this year I'm sure to start my search in with Hotter!

Comfy shoes deliver Happy feet

I have 5 £10 discount codes to spend on Hotter shoes up for grabs,
So the 1st 5 people to comment on this post will get one.

Hotter shoes aren't just for your granny, they are for everyone.
So if you haven't had your Hotter Moment yet what are you waiting for?!?!

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