Tuesday 9 August 2016

Staying Safe In The Sun This Summer With Ladival

Being safe in the sun this summer should be your number one priority.
Not only for your little ones but yourself too!

I'm always on the ball  when it comes to making sure the boys are all lathered in lotion when the sun is shining, but I usually fail when it comes to making sure I'm safe.
Ridiculous and dangerous I know!

Skin cancer can effect us all and if we can help protect ourselves we should.
Popping on some lotion really doesn't take a lot of effort either.

Now the boys are taking every little thing in I always make sure to put lotion on myself, one because it shows them that its do as I do, not do as I say.
Plus it makes it more of a normal thing.

I always used to hate having lotion smothered on me as my mum never put it on herself.
Having Italian blood and grown up in the 70's on Ascension Island, she was never used to doing it for herself.....she is very sun conscious now!
So because she never put it on, I always felt that it was unfair I should have to have this white sticky cream all over me.

Reaching the grand old age of 30 its finally clicked that actually its pretty important and we all need to use it.
Being fair skin it pretty important I use it or I end up lobster red....
which is never, never a good look!
Unless your a lobster then I guess you can get away with it!

The boys all playing in the park, protected by the sun thanks to Ladival.

When it comes to Sun lotion I like to make sure it is a trusted brand and it is actually going to do what it is meant to do!

I also try to stay well clear of the lotions that leave you feeling greasy and sticky.
Nobody has time for that!

Seeing Ladival were looking for bloggers I though why not give them ago, after all I had heard great things and even my dad uses them!

Not only does Ladival protect you from those nasty UV Rays but also the horrible infrared rays that not many of the other lotions available protect you from.
That was one of the main reasons I really wanted to switch from my current one to Ladival.

Ladival goes on smoothly and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy, I've been using the 15spf one on my face daily as it helps keep my freckles at bay.

Ladival does not contain any:
  • Preservatives
  • Perfumes
  • Colorants
  • Fats
  • Parabens
  • PEG emulsifiers

That’s why Ladival is ideal for sensitive or oily skin, helping to prevent prickly heat and sun allergy.
Ladival is water resistant and keeps working even when you go in the water.
To maintain maximum protection, always re-apply after swimming or bathing.

The boys all playing in the park, protected by the sun thanks to Ladival.

Your skin is precious and it deserves protection against as many of the sun’s damaging rays as possible

37% of the sun’s rays are damaging to the skin. Current sun screens that you know and buy, only protect against UV-A and UV-B.
That means they only protect your skin against 7% of those rays.
By protecting against Infrared-A as well, Ladival offers protection against four times more of the sun’s damaging rays.

Infrared-A rays are the most deeply penetrating of the sun’s rays and can cause both short and long-term skin damage

Because they have a longer wavelength, Infrared-A rays penetrate the epidermis and dermis and can lead to the formation of free radicals, which can damage delicate body cells.
Effects can include:
  • – Premature ageing
  • – Decreased skin elasticity
  • – Increased wrinkling
  • – Most importantly, damage to skin DNA can also impact on your long term health.

Ladival protects against harmful Infrared-A, as well as both UV-A and UV-B, so you can enjoy the sun as safely as possible.

Ladival also have a special kids range and a special after sun.

They may be slightly higher in price than your usual lotion but they are offering you that extra protection that your current one may not!

You can find Ladival lotions at Boots, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy and Well Pharmacy.

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