Saturday 27 August 2016


The blog has been pretty quiet this past week, as we had our nephew Sam come to stay and then the week ended with a trip to Norfolk.

I'll be writing about what we got up to last week in separate posts, this post is to tell you all about our day trip to Norfolk.

As you can see from the picture above or if you follow me on insta, you'll notice our house is now officially up for sale.
We have an open day next Saturday, so fingers crossed there's lots of interest and people actually turn up.

The reason the house is up for sale, is we are relocation up to Norfolk.
It's a big move but one we think will benefit everyone.

Where we are now has no real garden, its far to over looked. New flats have been built since we moved in and the island isn't really somewhere we are enjoying living.
Of course its great having the beach so close but the negatives out number the positives.

Also having no family close by has been something we both said we missed.

We used to live 20 minutes from my parents and only 5 minutes from Jon's when we were back in Surrey.

Jon's sister lives in Norfolk and his parents have just bought a house there.

There is nothing holding us here now that Jon is working from home.
We don't want to move back to Surrey and we fell in love with Norfolk when we went on holiday there last year.

So with the back story done, on to Thursday.
We left ours around 10am, with the twins, Ru and Sam.
Noah had caught sun stroke so Jenny who had been staying with us for the week said she would stay on and look after him.

Noah was more than happy to be left behind with Jenny and he knows he always has a great time with her and she spoils him a ridiculous amount.

We had seen a house we liked the look of and decided we needed to have a look at it in person.
Jenni (Jon's sister) viewed it on the Tuesday for us and said it was worth the trip and that we could stay at hers for the night.

The boys were all fantastic on the way to Norfolk, the twins and Ru slept the whole way whilst Sam, and I played "Eye Spy".

We only stopped once and that was just to waste some time as we were in Norfolk and had no where to be until 2.15

We stopped in a Tesco and bought some lunch to eat in the van.

After that we headed into the town where the house was and met up with Jon's parents who had also travelled up to view the house with us and then go on to spend a night in a local pub where they had just bought their new house.

The house ticked all the boxes for us,
4 decent bedrooms upstairs,
a spare bedroom downstairs which we would use as a snug/guest room 
a lounge,
a dining room which we would use as a play room
a sun room,
kitchen and dining room
Utility space,
an office,
a beautifully big garden with a Wendy house which Ru loved, with a lick of paint and new windows it would be a perfect play den for Ru.
and a garage / workshop out front
and a massive drive way that we could fit up to 5 cars on, so when the boys are all at an age when they have cars, it wont be an issue.

The house needs a bit of love but nothing too major.
The town is walkable, as are the schools, all of which were graded good by Ofsted.
There is a lovely park just behind the Junior school, which the boys all gave there approval off.

After the boys had finished playing in the park and the adults had finished discussing the house we parted ways, we headed of to Jenni's house and Ken and Helen went to their hotel for a night of peace and quiet.

Our night was nothing but crazy.

Ru doesn't sleep at the best of times but being somewhere new and with other people to swoon over him, I knew he wouldn't go to sleep without a fight but didn't even think the twins would do the same.
It was like I had poured liquid crazy into them, they were running riot right up to 11pm.
They finally fell asleep at 11.30 whilst Ru was still running around laughing his head off.

I think we both crashed out just after midnight with him waking up at 2 when Jon got up, so with the help of another warm bottle he settled back down on the sofa, with me moving him back to bed about 3.

It was lovely to see Jenni and Ben, it would have be a lot nicer if the boys had fallen asleep at a normal time and allowed us to have an evening, but now that we are heading that way ourselves I'm sure there will be plenty more evenings spent together.

We put an offer in on the house and it was accepted.
So now just to wait and see what the surveyor brings back.

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