Sunday 28 August 2016

Project Mc2 Premiere and Spy Party

I was invited along to the premiere of Project Mc2 at The Royal Institution.

Not only was it showing the brand new season of Project Mc2 but also a spy party, which was hosted by the guys from Sharky and George parties.

I went along with Noah, my nieces Isla and Esme and my mum.

Noah wasn't impressed with coming with us, as he thought it was going to be far too girlie for him.

Once we stepped through the doors, he soon changed his mind.

The guys were greeted by Mckeyla and were given a secret password to get in and once inside they were taken to one side of the room by the spies.
They had to unlock and solve some puzzles to find some clues.
They were then taken on a secret spy mission around the building.

Whilst the kids were running around, myself and mum joined the other adults and had a coffee.
Once we'd finished we still had time to have a look around the building and check out the science room and all the Project Mc2 toys before the kids all reappeared.

The kids all loved being a spy and the dramatic end to their spy adventure was awesome.

They all then went into the science room, where they got to try there hand at a few very cool experiments such as,
Making their own lava lamp,
Growing some crystals,
Making clay monsters and taking fun pictures with a secret spy mirror.

This was one of the best events I've been too as it was so thought out and so exciting.
All the kids had a great time and were beaming with joy.

After we had, had our lunch we headed downstairs to watch the brand new episode of Project Mc2.

The screening started with another experiment shown to us by Atomic Amy.

We found out if dry ice was an alkaline or an acid.

What do you think it is?
Leave your answers in the comments.

The screening was good, I think the Isla and Esme were slightly too young to really get it, but I enjoyed it and thought if it was on when I was younger I would have loved it.
Noah actually got into it and I'm sure he would have happily sat through another episode.

All the children left with a goodie bag which had one of the brand new dolls in.
Esme was over the moon, as she did spend most of the event trying to pinch one from the display tables!

Each of the dolls came with its very own experiment, which I thought was pretty cool!
Not something you get with other dolls!

Esme with her doll Adrienne Attoms

We all had an awesome time and I have two very happy nieces thanks to their brand new dolls.
They're little scientists in the making.

Project Mc2 is now steaming on Netflix.

**Some of the photos above are not my own, but I have be given permission to use them.**

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