Sunday 14 August 2016

Surely It Should Be September Already?

Is it just me who is being driven completely insane by her kids this summer holiday?

I obviously love them but at times I just want to stick them in a box and post them off to my worst enemy (not that I actually have one, but if I did they'd be landed with the boys!)

I'm constantly trying to make plans to keep them all entertained, but they never seemed satisfied with my efforts of they just neeeeeeeeeed more.

The twins are still attending nursery along with Ru on Tuesday morning, which gives me a moments peace but my gosh I am counting down the days to September.

Of course they are funny and entertain me to no end.
But my god, they make such a mess, we are currently in the process of getting the house ready to put on the market ....Yes we're moving AGAIN :(
and once I'm done with one room, I blink and It's a mess again.

They are like a swarm of locusts, they clear out the food cupboards and soon as they shopping's been delivered.
It's like I never feed them, they don't just do this at our house they do this at the grandparent's houses too.

They fights get worse when  there bored .... well Ru fights them when they try to play with his things.
Noah cries,
Alex cries,
Oscar cries and Ru just laughs.
Unless he's not getting his own way then he screams like I'm trying to murder him.

When they aren't screaming or crying like the world is coming to an end, they are singing at the top of their voices at 6am to make sure everyone who lives around us is awake bright and early!

I'm sure our neighbours will al throw a party when we move.

I know once they are all in school and Ru's at nursery I wont know what to do with myself and ill more than likely be back on here moaning that the house is too quite and too clean.

I'd love to know what tricks you've been using to keep your ones entertained this holiday? 

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