Thursday 18 August 2016

Scooby-Doo Musical Mysteries Live At The London Palladium

We were very kindly invited along to the press showing of Scooby-Doo Live.
I grew up loving the show and the boys are all very into Scooby-Doo and we probably have all the DVD's.

So when I told the boys we were going to go and watch Scooby-Doo live the nearly hit the celling with excitement. 

We were sent an invitation along with a box of goodies.
I save these for the train journey into London as I knew they would get bored the minute the train pulled away from our station.
The Scooby goodies kept them all entertained right up until we reached London Victoria.

We got to the London Palladium just before 3pm.
We collected our tickets and went into the bar area, where we met a giant Lego Scooby.
At first glance the boys thought it was the real Scooby and shot off to give him a hug only to find he was Lego on closer inspection.

After making them all take a trip to the toilets we headed off to find our seats.
We were in row F, so had an amazing view.
The boys were grinning from ear to ear and loved seeing the smoke fill the stage as it got closer to the start of the performance.

Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy all entertain the stage first and start singing the classic...
"Scoobydoobydoo where are you?"
and Scooby appears from a side door.

Scooby-Doo and the gang receive a letter inviting them to the London Palladium, which is being haunted by a ghost.
The letter is signed by a mysterious Z, they are all a bit cautious and decided to go along as a rock band - Missing Link in order not to raise an alarm and to try and solve the mystery.

It really is a fantastic show, something kids will all enjoy.
The songs are catchy and the music makes you want to dance along.

The stars of the show do a great job and really get you involved.

I was a bit worried the twins may have been a bit young, but they proved me wrong and loved every second of it, even Alex was shouting out when the ghost appeared behind them.

The best bit of the whole evening was when they got to meet their hero.
Alex and Oscar were star struck, they wanted to take Scooby home with them and were rather disappointed I said he had to stay behind.

As a special treat some children got to go up on stage after the show and learn a some dance moves from the show.
Daphne came out and taught them all then Scooby then joined them on stage to play to drums.
The twins decided they didn't actually like being up on the stage but Noah loved it and stayed on till the end!

Scooby-Doo is only at The London Palladium for 3 more nights,
so if your around London with the kids I reallllllly recommend buying some tickets!

You can buy them from the London Palladium website
Prices from £20 per ticket.

Show times: 

Fri: 10.30am and 1.00pm and 3.30pm
Sat: 10.30am and 1.00pm and 3.30pm
Sun: 10.30am and 1.00pm and 3.30pm

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