Saturday 20 August 2016

Sign on the dotted line

This week we signed the contract to put our house up for sale!!
The move to Norfolk is going full steam.
Jon's sister Jenni is going to go and view a house for us on Tuesday and if she thinks it's worth the 3 hour drive for a second viewing, we will head up at the end of the week.

With the summer holidays being really hectic, the boys taking over the house, myself and Jon trying to get the house show home ready, trying to keep the boys entertained and popping up to London every week my blog has taken a bit of a back step and I've made myself a bit of a long to do list with out really meaning too.

Rupert can now say MUMMY!!!
He must have read my last post and thought it was time to put an end to toddler mind games.
I've been selected to go along with Tots100 to River Cottage
I'm also now a #blogsquad member for
So keep an eye out for up coming blog posts on their from me.

School uniform shopping for 3 boys is MEGA EXPENSIVE!
So far we have spent £108 on shoes,
£151 on the school uniform with the school logo on.
We still have to buy trousers, shirts, jumpers, plimsolls and socks for all of them.
Stationary for Noah.

This week Jenny is coming to stay and we also have Sam the boys cousin coming to stay,
so I have lots of fun things planned.

We're off to Diggerland on Tuesday with Noah and Sam, whilst the littles are at Nursery.
Wednesday we are going to the cinema to watch Finding Dory,
Then we'll probably go swimming or a visit to beach on the Thursday.

I'm currently on the hunt for a toddler friendly pushchair, as I can no longer carry Ru around.
It's making me feel really housebound.
As I want to get out more, but I know when I do go out I cant enjoy myself as I'm struggling with Ru.
I'm hoping a buggy will be the solution to my problem.
Ru has never had a pushchair so I'm unsure how he'll take to it.

I've got my eye on these so far -

I really love the fun styles from Cosatto and think they'll appeal more to Ru and make him actually want to be in it, but then I also like the Silver Cross and Mama's and Papa's.

What buggy do you use?

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