Thursday 11 August 2016

Want Your Child To Be More Active? Take Inspiration From The Olympics

It’s hard when in today's society much is centred around technology. This sees our children with their heads in computer screens and tablets instead of outside in the fresh air. Children are not as active as they use to be. Which is why obesity is on the rise. While not all can be blamed on technology, it’s important for parents to try and encourage their children to be a little more active. With that in mind, here’s how the Olympic games could help you encourage your children to be more active.


Watch the Olympic games together

While you may want to get away from too much screen time, watching the games together isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least it takes them away from the likes of gaming videos on YouTube and game sin general. Watching the games could open up new topics of conversation. Perhaps about countries or nations you child may not have heard of. Or even opening up their minds to new sports and activities.

Head out and learn new skills

Watching the games may encourage them to work on their own skills outside. So head out to a local park and practice some of the sports they are interested in or play already. Many times children enjoy doing something, but only tend to do it in school. Why not take the chance to enjoy the outdoors with them. You could even pass on some of your own skills onto them by teaching them new tricks of the trade.


Encourage competition

It’s healthy to encourage a little competitiveness. This is why competition can be a great thing to involve your children in. Whether you decide to make a competition small by organising something amongst friends. Or enter them into bigger competitions on a county level. It’s a great way to instil some confidence.

Create your own games

Why not take it one step further and create your own Olympic games at home. This could be simply done in your own back garden. It’s a great activity for a summer's day. Crafting could even take place by making costumes and representing a country. Then play the games in the afternoon. It could be something simple like an egg and spoon race to something more energetic like a sack race. You could even get some Trophies Plus Medals Online to incentivise your children.


Inspire them to try new hobbies

Finally, watching the Olympic games could inspire your children to try new hobbies. It may be interesting for them to learn about the types of sports on offer, and encourage them to give it a go. The last thing you want a sa parent if for your child to grow up and not have any interests outside of school work. So encourage it all you can. If you want them to consider something specific, then make sure they sit down with you and watch how the athletes perform. It can be inspiring to see someone win gold.

I hope this encourages you to get your children to be more active.

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