Sunday 21 August 2016

The Day That ..... Review

Everyone has a day that means something special to them ...
Be it your wedding day,
The day your baby was born,
The day you moved into your new home,
Or the day you met your partner.

The Day That is a website that offers a unique way of celebrating that special day.

They have been taking photographs at dawn down on a beach in picturesque Cornwall every day since 2005.

The photographer gets a range of shots and then uploads them onto the website ready for people to pick that as their special photo.

I wasn't sure what special day I was going to go with, as I have so many.
I couldn't really pick one birth over another without someone getting jealous.
I decided the nicest idea sounded like choosing a photo which was taken on the day that me and Jon met.

We have a beach theme going on in our lounge so knew the photo would fit perfectly in with that.

There were 9 photos taken on November 30th 2010, so I had a decent range to pick from,
number 3 was the one that jumped out at me, so I knew straight away that was the one for us.

Our picture was beautifully framed and ready to hang as soon as it arrived.
You get a choice of frames to pick from, prices starting from £95
Silver Metal
       Black Metal     

If you wanted to get it framed yourself, you also have the option.

Once you have picked your photo, and frame you then go on to pick your size.

Frame size 60cm x 50cm £150
Frame size 50cm x 40cm £120
Frame size 35cm x 28cm £95

I think this whole idea is amazing and would be perfect as a new baby gift or for a wedding gift
It would be a gift that stood out amongst the rest and be placed on a wall for all to see.

I'm so pleased with our photo and every time someone comments on it, it makes me happy.

The website is so easy to use, and on all the dates that I checked there was a big choice to pick from, all as stunning as the other.

"It really does capture the spirit of a new life beginning, such a memorable moment and one we shall never forget. It's so beautiful"
Sir Elton John

**I was gifted the picture in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own** 

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