Wednesday 10 August 2016

Eye Popping Day's Out || Sea Life London

Last weekend I braved London on a Saturday!
Crazy?...Yes...Worth it?....Yes!

I took all the boys to Sea Life London, I hadn't been there since Noah was 8 months old, so was pretty excited myself about going.

Rupert has a big thing for water and fish, so I knew he would have a great time.

We went with my parents and met my brother, Kelly and the girls (my nieces) by the London Eye.

Our complimentary tickets were for a 2.30pm slot, so before hand we went and had a picnic in the park, just down from the aquarium.

It was ridiculously busy along the river and there were people absolutely everywhere, you could hardly move without bumping into someone.

Really the only down side of the day, was just the mass of people.

Once we got inside the aquarium it was better, of course it was still busy but no where near as crazy as it was outside.

We all had a group photo and were given a ticket so we could redeem our photo at the end of the tour should we wish.

We then all headed off to find the fish.
Noah was particularly excited about seeing the sharks.

All the boys were amazed at all the different sort of fishes they could see, my favourites were the jelly fish and sea turtles.

Ru was amazed by everything, and I'm sure he would have been pretty happy sitting in front of the big tanks all day.
It was great to see him so excited.

Sea Life London has a new Frozen Planet: Face to Face experience which really impressed the boys and they loved seeing the Killer Whales and Polar Bears walk and splash right by them.

Ru did get slightly confused to why he could see them next to him on the screen but not actually be in front of him.

Something I wish I had captured on camera.

We spent well over an hour looking around the aquarium and by the time we had finished all the boys were well and truly ready to head off home.

A great day out for all involved.

If you are planning a trip to the aquarium I would make sure you book in advance, not only is it cheaper, you wont have to queue for hours.
If you aren't booking in advance, you should be able to pick up a day out leaflet at your local train station and on that you'll probably score a 2 for 1 voucher!

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